C sence can monitor the condition of your tank container during their trip around the world. C sence monitors and analyse tank containers 24/7, 365 days a year. This can be done on a ship, terminals or even on a truck. With our software and our specialists we ensure an ultimate protection of the tank container 24/7.

  • Transport

    Your tank is on his way. It can be on the truck, on the train, on a vessel or on a terminal.

  • Telematic Device

    Tankcontainer telematic device is transmitting data like temperature and location.

  • Data integration

    Our platform integrates with booking systems and other IT systems.

  • Data analyses

    The platform looks for deviations in the system. Smart algorithms discovers and resolves issues.

  • Operation Center

    Our operation center is able to give assistance 24/7.

  • Service Calls

    When emergency repairs are required we arrange service calls.

Via GSM or satellite communication our smart platform is collecting the data directly from the tank container. C sence does not have his own telemetric devices but we work close together with third party brand so we can advise the best solutions available.

The collected data is analysed by our special software which is analysing on for example exceptions and deviations. Based on the type of alarm our team will contact the relevant stakeholders worldwide to fix the issue.

The following date is managed by our system:

Location Pump Return °C
Temperatures Supply °C Return °C set point
ControllerSupply °C set point Alarms

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