C sence provides a solution to remote monitor your gensets. The gensets will be equipped with a permanent telematic device inside the genset with several extra sensors for fuel indication and engine information. The data will be transmitted by GSM communication and automatically imported in our dashboard. In case of issues such as engine problems we have a team ready 24/7. In case of urgent matters we can rely on our extended service provider network to fix the problem on the spot. In this way we minimize cargo damage due no constant power supply.

  • Transport

    Your genset is on his way. It can be on the truck, on the train, on a vessel or on a terminal.

  • Telematic Device

    Genset telematic device is transmitting data like fuel consumption and location.

  • Data integration

    Our platform integrates with booking systems and other IT systems.

  • Data analyses

    The platform looks for deviations in the system. Smart algorithms discovers and resolves issues.

  • Operation Center

    Our operation center is able to give assistance 24/7.

  • Service Calls

    When emergency repairs are required we arrange service calls.

The following parameters are managed:

Fuel level GPS location and geofence reporting
Fuel theft indicator Battery condition
Running hours Movement and bread crumb tracking
Engine state run/stopped


Reduce reefer claims Increase utilization
Reduce fuel theft Provide maintenance information
Improve customer service

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