Reefer Containers

C sence takes away your concerns about the condition of the reefer container during their trip around the world. C sence monitors and analyse reefer containers 24/7, 365 days a year. We have remote monitoring solutions for shipping lines, terminals, transport companies and beneficial cargo owners. With our software and our reefer specialists we ensure an ultimate protection of the reefer container 24/7.

  • Reefer Container

    The reefer is on his way.

  • Telematic Device

    Telematic device is transmitting data.

  • Data integration

    Platform integrates with booking systems.

  • Data analyses

    Algorithms discovers deviations and issues.

  • Operation Center

    Our operation center is able to give assistance 24/7.

  • Emergency Repairs

    Arrange emergency repairs in case of urgency.

Our smart platform is collecting reefer data directly from the controller by GSM or satellite communication. We do not have own hardware but we use third party telematic brand like Emerson, Identec Solutions and Orbcomm.

All data will be analysed by our smart software. In case of exceptions, deviations or alarms our reefer team will evaluate the urgency of the matter and contact the relevant stakeholders. Based on algorithms we are able to indicate trends and in some cases we are able to determine which reefer containers needs extra intension before a break-down.

The following reeferdata is managed by our system.

Location Supply Humidity Alarms
Setpoint Supply set point Defrosting Ambient °C
Controller Return °C CO2 Ventilation m3/h
Expected set point Return °C set point O2 USDA

Additionally our software platform receives booking information, so we are able to compare the reeferdata with the specified booking information.

Booking number Ports information Vessel information
Container number Commodity name Temperature information
Humidity information Genset required Ventilation information
Floor drains Open Dehumidifier Controlled atmosphere

Our reefer monitoring solutions.

  • (Inland) Terminals


    • No manual checks
    • Less claims
    • Improve safety
    • Improve labour conditions
  • Shipping Lines


    • Improve effiency
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Increase quality service
  • Barge Operators


    • No manual checks
    • Less claims
    • Improve safety
    • Improve labour conditions
  • Transport Companies


    • No stopping for temp. check
    • Direct technical assistance

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