Seatrade selects monitoring company C sence

11 August 2017

Specialised reefer carrier Seatrade selects Dutch start-up C sence to monitor their reefer fleet on board of their six new reefer dedicated container vessels.

C sence located in the port of Rotterdam has developed a webbased platform to monitor and analyze reefer containers. The system integrates with third party monitoring devices and booking applications.

On the vessels Seatrade decided to roll out Refcon6 by Emerson Climate Technologies and transmit the data by VSAT satellites. Because of this combination there is no need for the crew on board to monitor the reefer containers manually.

Instead smart software and the operations center of C sence will monitor and analysis all data 24/7. The data is monitored against specific parameters from integrated booking systems, manifests and loading lists.

Seatrade states: “By establishing integrations with our booking systems, we are not only receiving reefer malfunctions. Issues like false temperature settings or not loaded or connected reefers are just as important.”

C sence enables Seatrade to turn around the workflow. In the past the crew noticed an issue and in complex cases assistance was needed by reefer specialists ashore. In the new situation C sence will evaluate the issue and will send instructions to the vessel instantly. In doing so the crew has more time to focus on other tasks and the risk of cargo damage will further decrease.

In Q4 this year a large upgrade is scheduled. C sence comments: “The current platform acts when an issue has already occurred. After he upgrade the platform is able to analyse data and predict whether a reefer will need extra attention. Besides at the end of the reefer trip algorithms will determine if an inspection is needed. This will result in an even more optimized operation and further cost reductions”.

Seatrade is planning to outfit six other reefer dedicated container vessels with smart technology as well. Gerben van Zwieten, Global Manager Container Logistics of Seatrade mentions: “We believe in this technology and this is just a start. We need to keep investing in
innovation to stay a premium reefer carrier”.

For further information:
Rick van der Vliet - C sence

11 August 2017 - Rick van der Vliet

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